Our school program focuses around STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and the Arts) based learning that challenges children to come up with their own solutions to environmental challenges. Children participate in critical thinking hands-on activities such as composting, solar car challenges, and wind energy activities. In addition, we offer energetic talks to high school classes. Our partnership with River Grove Elementary has allowed us to replace all lighting with LEDs, install new programmable thermostats and replace all faucets on the campus with touchless ones. Our long-term plan at this school is to make them the first carbon neutral school in the country. The estimated need to complete this project is $3,000,000.




Students in grades K through 12 learn through a hands-on approach to critical thinking.  They are given tools through hands-on activities such as composting, building model solar cars, solar panels, and organic gardening.  Then they are given a problem to solve using the tools they have acquired.  The concept is to prepare our young people for the challenges of tomorrow by helping them learn to think in different ways.







Classroom lectures in high school and college classrooms help us further plant the seeds of sustainability and teach what commonsense sustainability means.  If you are interested in having us in for a lecture or lecture series, please contact us at 855-967-6358 or use our contact page